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Warning Lights in Your Vehicle

When a warning light blinks on in your car, it can be worrying. Especially, if you’re far from home. Having a warning light can mean anything from a little top up of oil to major engine electrical faults. As every garage would say, it would be great if we could diagnose these over the phone when customers call us for advice. But with every car, there may be something more complicated lying underneath. An engine diagnostic test can help us to find out the real cause, and with that, we’ll need to have your car with us.

A warning light can indicate hundreds of potential problems. That’s why having the latest equipment to scan your car’s ECU and find out what’s going on can be vital in protecting your vehicle.


When you need a car diagnostic check, it means there’s something going on with your car that isn’t necessarily an easy mechanical fix. Nor can it be identified by a trained mechanical eye. When it comes to modern cars, they have a complex system like a computer which is the Engine Control Unit or ECU. This system constantly scans your car recording of any faults the car may have experienced and checking that there’s nothing major going wrong with electronically controlled components in the vehicle. When something does go wrong, this system sends a signal to you, so you can get it checked out. Whilst each area has its own warning light, it can be tricky to determine the exact location without a diagnostic scanner. This scanner runs through the system and find exactly where the problem is, translating this as a code that our mechanics can identify.


The reason we conduct a diagnostic test is to find out what’s wrong with your car without having to take it completely apart or spend hours on manual labour that will cost you a fortune. With this in mind, a diagnostic check on your vehicle doesn’t include any repairs that we identify along the way. That being said, we’ll always provide you with an accurate quote and full breakdown of the work that needs to be done. If you need advice on the best option for you, we can talk to you about the repairs to make sure you’re 100% happy. With your approval, we can get the work done and get you back safely on the roads with a happy, efficient car.

How do I book a diagnostic test online?

If you haven’t had a service in a while or you are due a major service, you could be in luck! With any major service booked with Slough Motors, you can get an MOT for just 1p. Don’t worry, the only catch is that they have to be booked at the same time on the same day. When using our online booking tool, you can get an MOT for one penny when you book a major service with us. We can conduct the service first, helping to identify any possible MOT issues first. By getting an MOT at the same time, you don’t just save yourself money but you’re saving time too. Book online today or get in touch to find out more.

When you book your engine diagnostics, we’ll help guarantee that we find a solution to your engine problems and get you back on the roads. We make sure we always offer quotations before conducting work so you know what to expect when it comes to your car.

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