3 things to consider before travelling with your dog

3 things to consider before travelling with your dog

We all enjoy going on road trips and holidays particularly in the summer months. And if you decide to bring your dog with you it can be even better. While dogs are great company and faithful friends they can be harder to look after when you’re away from home. It’s important to prepare for your journey and ensure that your furry friend is safe and happy. We’ve put together a guide on how to care for your pet when you go on holiday.

1. Buckle up your beagle

Now it goes without saying that the most important things to consider not only your dog’s safety but your own. You should ensure that your dog is buckled with a dog harness or seat belt or in a safe space such as a crate. Doing this will stop your dog from moving about a lot and possibly getting hurt. It also means that you won’t be worrying about them while you’re driving so it stops you from being distracted.

2. Be prepared for your pug

No one wants to break down on the motorway especially with a dog in tow. But it’s always better to prepare for a worst case scenario than get caught out. It’s vital to always keep water and a bowl in your vehicle for your dog. If you breakdown it’s suggested that you keep your dog in the car unless it’s hot weather. If you have to take your dog with you - it’s essential to keep them on a short lead.

Bonus tip: Breakdown recovery vehicles can refuse to take your dog in their cab if they feel threatened by its behaviour or they don’t think there is enough room. For this reason, we suggest that when you call for vehicle recovery you tell them in advance that you have a dog with you.

3. Is your whippet happy in this weather?

As we previously mentioned dogs should never be left in cars when it’s hot weather. When you’re on the move it’s important to make sure that your dog is as cool and comfortable as possible. You could get cooling mats or have an ice pack wrapped in a towel for them. It’s also important to make sure your vehicle’s air-con is in good working order. We suggest getting it serviced if it’s due as it ensure that your dog stays cool while travelling. You can also open your vehicle windows to circulate fresh air in the cabin - however, it’s vital that you don’t let your dog hang their heads out of the window.

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