Importance for learner drivers to have motorway lessons

Importance for learner drivers to have motorway lessons

On June 4th, learner drivers were officially allowed to start having lessons on the motorway. While that can sound like an accident waiting to happen - it’s actually a positive thing to do. Learners will only be allowed on motorways in dual controlled cars with an approved instructor. (Hopefully that addresses any immediate safety concerns you may have!) While this isn’t part of the practical driving test it will definitely help new drivers when they pass their test.

1. Motorway etiquette

Everyone is nervous when they first go on the motorway after passing their test as it’s filled with complications you weren’t taught prior to passing. That could all change if learners opt for motorway lessons as they’ll be taught everything. Learners will be shown how to be polite members of the road by being shown how to join and leave the motorway correctly. They’ll also learn how to overtake and use the lanes correctly during their lessons.

2. Driving at higher speeds

Learner drivers often drive too slowly when they start out - so, to avoid this happening on the motorway they’ll be taught to drive at higher speeds. By the time they pass their test, they’ll be aware of their surroundings and other drivers.

3. Learning motorway signs

We all memorise motorway signs for our theory test but never see them until much later on after we’ve passed. However, during motorway lessons, drivers will be given the opportunity to use their knowledge of signs and learn what actions to take after seeing them.

4. Knowing what to do in a breakdown

Many new drivers don’t know what to do when their car breaks down, particularly when on the motorway. Teaching drivers to be prepared for this scenario will keep them calm and confident if they ever end up on the hard shoulder.

5. Confident and safer driving across the UK

Giving new drivers this opportunity is of great importance as they’ll be prepared for some of the most complicated driving scenarios. It’ll also create a generation of confident, safe drivers across the UK.

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